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Polar Park parking The private lots will establish their own prices. Traffic engineers expect 10% of fans to use ride share programs including Uber and Lyft. Another 10% will likely use the commuter rail into Union Station, which is also a short walk from the ballpark. A street-licensed golf cart presented by Rodenhiser with a capacity of eight passengers will provide free shuttle service around the neighborhood. Once the WooSox are allowed to welcome fans at full capacity, 9,508, about 80%, are expected to drive.  “One key to the ease of parking is familiarity with the neighborhood and its numerous lots and garages,” WooSox President Charles Steinberg said. “For example, as fans become accustomed to using the lot on McGrath Boulevard. at the Worcester Public Library, with 289 spaces, they will develop typical game-day routines." Technology will also help folks attending games secure parking. “Another key to convenience is a forthcoming technological innovation of being able to purchase parking when purchasing your ticket on website the Polar Park app. Knowing in advance where you will park allows you to enter the address into your GPS to take the most efficient route to the game,” Steinberg said. Excitement was building as opening day drew near. “Everything about this project has been about a ballpark that is really part of the city,” Mayor Joseph M. Petty said. “This parking plan will make it convenient for incoming fans, but also puts feet on the street, right in the middle of the Canal District.” City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr. said the redesign of Kelley Square, new highway signage and changes in direction on some streets near the park, will help folks get around the area. “The city has worked closely with experienced traffic engineers, experts in urban planning, MassDOT and neighborhood residents and businesses to ensure that the right combination of parking assets and traffic patterns are employed,” Augustus said. Just as full capacity is expected sometime later this year, so too is a new 350-space parking garage near Gate D, just across Madison Street from the ballpark, financed by the state. Those spaces are in addition to the 7,302. The construction of the garage was delayed by the pandemic and is expected to be complete and operational by September. That will allow fans to arrive early and enjoy some of the other amenities near Polar Park.


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